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High solids styrene based polymer floor polish with excellent self shining properties. Contains polythylene wax for scuff resistance and response to high speed polishers.


Lasting Impressions
Econimically priced, hard wearing polymer based floor polish for retail and institutional applications.


Fragranced neutral detergent for maintaining polished floors. Contains powerful surfactants which target and emulsify dirt and grime without harming polymer floor polishes. Suitable for use in mopping buckets and automatic scrubber/driers.


Mop & Shine
Polish and surfactant emulsion designed to gentle clean polished floors while maintaining and nourishing floor coatings. Suitable for use in mopping buckets and automatic scrubber/driers in a floor maintenance program.


Sray & Buff
For use with rotary floor polishers, contains rapid acting surfactants designed to trap dirt such as, scuff marks, in polishing pads. Contains waxes to nourish floor polymer finishes and enhance shine.


Floor polish remover for use with automatic scrubber/driers. Low foaming surfactant and sequestrants prevent foam in recovery tanks that would otherwise damge electrical components.


All Strip
Economically priced ammoniated high foaming floor polish remover for manual application.


2 Phase Cleaner
Powerful degreaser for concrete workshop floors. It's unique 2 stage action penertrates and lifts stubborn stains on unsealed porous surfaces.


All Surface
Multi-surface degreaser for non-porous and sealed floors. Suitable for use in workshops, garages and automotive industries.


Perfumed carpet and upholstery cleaner for use in industrial cleaning machines. Contains low foaming surfactants and solvents for rapid penertration and cleaning. A unique proprietry additive prevents bad odours on slow drying fabrics.


A high foaming carpet shampoo for use in industrial air compression or brush based machines. The high density foam traps dirt particles brushed from between the carpet pile and loosely deposits them on the surface to be vacuumed away when the foam dries. Does not soak carpets and therefor suitable where a fast turn around time is essential.

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